Ansomone information

Ansomone is a reliable HGH of consistent good quality. Ansomone by Anhui Anke Bio Ltd China is one of those HGH products which seems to have been around forever. and with good reason. Its been reliable in terms of quality and price since 2003. Ansomone is a full 191 amino acid Somatropin HGH. Its made by the secretion process which produces the true bio-identical 191amino acid product.

All quality control issues are well and truly solved

In the early days of ansomone production the inclusion process was used as this was the easiest way to make ansomone. The only problem with the inclusion process is that its makes 192 amino acid HGH which is called Somatrem. Even though ansomone was labelled as 191 amino acid HGH there were some reports in 2005 that it was in fact 192 amino acid Somatrem. By good fortune a PHD student who had bought some ansomone had access to a mass spectrometer and found it was indeed somatrem. This problem was solved back in 2005 and since then there have been no reports that ansomone has been contaminated with 192 amino acid HGH.

Ansomone is one of the better quality HGH powders on the market today. It consistently gets good reviews from those who buy HGH. The most popular size boxes are 10x4iu vials (total 40iu per box) and 10x10iu vials (total 100iu per box). It has just recently released different sized boxes of ansomone which can be seen below.

Ansomone is made in different sizes 10iu is the most popular

2 IU/vial with water for injection
4 IU/vial with water for injection
4.5 IU/vial with water for injection
6 IU/vial with water for injection (New!)
10 IU/vial with water for injection (New!)
16 IU/vial with water for injection (New!)


Ansomone is a freeze dried powder which is best kept refrigerated but can be kept outside the fridge for up to 30 days providing its not too hot. Once its mixed it must be kept in the fridge of course. It doesn’t come with any injection device such as a pen. So it must be injected using an insulin syringe. The injections are done daily and are usually quite painless because of the small size of the needle tip.

What can Ansomone be used for?

Ansomone HGH is used for a variety of different reasons. If you are looking at this page the chances are you want it for none medical reasons. What do we mean by none medical reasons? Well this means you are either a body builder who wants it to create more muscle. You are someone who is interested in slowing the ageing process i.e anti-ageing. Ansomone will do either of those.

Ansomone is particularly good for bodybuilders wanting to grow some quality muscle. The usual dosage for body builders is 4iu per day. This is usually split at 2iu in the morning and 2iu in the evening. The uptake of growth hormone in the body is quite slow. Plasma levels of ansomone peak 3-5 hours after injection. It has a half life of 2-3 hours. So you can see its better to inject both in the morning and evening. This way you will get the best benefit. The dosages for ansomone vary depending on what its being used for. When being used to increase height in children its usually used for 3 months to 3 years. As you can see you can use it for long periods without any adverse reactions. In actual fact the ansomone powder can be stored for up to two years. This long shelf life is useful if you are looking to buy ansomone in bulk.

Real Ansomone showing the diamond cutter


There is no danger of overdosing with HGH. Any overdosing over long periods of time can only lead to unwanted side effects such as acromegaly. However it must be said that for acromegaly to occur the doses must be massive over long periods of time running into years rather than months.

The good thing about muscle got from HGH is that its a better quality muscle than that got from steroids. Ansomone will actually create more muscle cells. The muscle cells created contain more muscle fibres. These are the proteins created by the ansomone. In contrast steroids tend to make larger muscle cells and fill those cells with water. This is why HGH is preferred over and above steroids.

Here is a list of benefits of the benefits of Ansomone which are on Anhui Anke’s own site

  • Increased Sexual Libido
  • Increased Bone density
  • Faster wound healing
  • Better immune system
  • Cell Protection
  • Mood elevation
  • More energy
  • Creativity
  • Body building and exercise
  • Improved Cholesterol profile
  • Improved brain function

We would agree with most of the claims which Anhui Anke make but “Creativity”? It is said to improve brain function but anyway, whose to say it can’t?

Who can use Ansomone?

Well ansomone is pure 191 amino acid HGH so it can be used for a variety of reasons for different people. A lot of  customers use it for anti-ageing. There have been some studies done on the effects of HGH in the elderly. In a study completed in Japan it was concluded that it can be therapeutic in the aged. It was found that it reversed muscle wastage associated with ageing. It was also shown to decrease abdominal fat. And finally it increased bone density in women. The study was carried out over 48 weeks. The test subjects were 8 elderly osteoporotic women aged 68-75 years. It was concluded that men would also reap the same benefits.

So it seems to prove that whilst there is no evidence ansomone can make you live longer. It can certainly increase the quality of life in the later years.

Both women and men can use Ansomone

Unlike steroids which can have a androgenic masculinising effect, HGH can be used safely by both sexes. Men, who tend to more usually be body builders use it. But women  body builders can use it too. Because its a natural product it wont give the nasty side effects that steroids can. And so HGH ansomone can also be used by the transgender community. This is because it will not affect any hormone treatment they are undergoing. Women who use HGH usually do so to look younger, or they are in fact body builders themselves. At lower doses ansomone is used to rejuvenate the skin and hair and burn fat. And this property is very attractive to those wanting to look and feel younger. Usually its women who take it to look younger. They can do this without the fear of side effects.

Ansomone is not just taken for cosmetic reasons

HGH users such as body builders take ansomone to look good. However it can also have a positive effect on health which is not always obvious. It is a master hormone which has a cascade effect on other hormones. Because of this it can be beneficial in all sorts of other areas. It an quicken up a slow metabolism and so burn off fat around the organs. We we reach middle age our metabolism can slow and so this is a natural way to speed it up. It also has a positive effect on the cholesterol profile of those taking ansomone.

Cholesterol profile will be improved

Ansomone will increase the proportion of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is completely insoluble in water, so for it to be carried around the blood stream it must be carried by something. Proteins carry the cholesterol around the blood stream but some proteins are better than others. HDL or High Density Lipoprotein attaches to cholesterol and makes it soluble. HDL is considered to be the best form of cholesterol because it doesnt get deposited in the arteries. When HGH users in the  buy and use ansomone it increases the proportion of HDL to LDL (low density lipoprotein). This in turn will have a positive effect in preventing blocked arteries.

Improve the immune system

HGH is also known to boost the immune system. Having a fully functioning immune system is essential for fighting off disease. Its been known for quite some time that levels of plasma HGH is related to the health of the immune system. Especially levels of killer T Cells. All the components of the immune system are made of protein. As human growth hormone kickstarts the production of proteins this is thought to be the reason why ansomone helps boost the immune system. Its no coincidence that HGH is used as a treatment in HIV. It stops the muscle wastage that HIV can. It also boost the immune system which can be devastated by the human immune virus.

How do I use Ansomone?

Ansomone comes in glass vials containing the freeze dried powder and another vial containing sterile water. The water must be mixed with the powder in order for it to be injected. People often do this wrongly by adding the water then shaking it. This is completely wrong as shaking will damage the HGH powder. HGH is a very fragile molecule which is easily damaged. The correct way to do it is to draw up the supplied water into your syringe. Then inject the water into the vial containing the powder. The vial is then rolled very gently until the powder is all dissolved. It can then be drawn up into the syringe and injected. When injecting the HGH its done by grabbing a pinch of stomach fat and injecting into that. The HGH can be injected using an insulin syringe. This is good because insulin syringes have a very fine needle tip and so it doesn’t hurt.

How does Ansomone compare to other HGH powders?

Ansomone compares very well to other HGH powders on the market today. There are probably only a few other powdered HGH products out there today that are more highly thought of. Only Jintropin, Hypertropin Serostim and maybe one or two others are more refined. There were some issues back in 2005 with ansomone being contaminated with 192 Somatrem but that problem has never been encountered since. Today all ansomone that has been tested have been found to be genuine 191 amino acid somatropin. Its a pure powder which doesn’t have any contamination. A lot of the cheaper powders out there today have some problems with refinement. This means that they have some of the remnants of the modified bacteria left over in the powder. This is because the downstream processing and purification may not be as good as some of the more expensive powders. We can safely say that ansomone has spent some time and therefore money on processing the finished product.

We give Ansomone 8 on a scale of 1-10 When giving this score we looked at price, availability, reputation and brand awareness. It gets consistently good reviews from users and people buy it again and again so Anhui Anke must be doing something right with this product.