HGH is often touted as the fountain of youth. Body builders use it to build muscle, women use it to reverse skin damage and remove wrinkles. Is it the new wonder drug?

  • HGH is the hormone responsible for growth

  • It is used by body builders to promote muscle growth

  • It is used by many to reverse the signs of ageing

  • Its now available in unlimited amounts

  • It is safe to use with minimal side effects


HGH is the acronym for human Growth hormone or somatropin. It is made naturally in a small gland in the brain and is essential for normal development. Not just growth. It has been possible to make HGH synthetically in the lab for nearly 40 years now. And, because this process is becoming more refined and efficient; it has meant the cost of HGH has come down considerably.


When people say they take HGH as an anti ageing agent what does it really mean, after all it can’t make you younger can it?  Well no, if that was the case you would eventually return to being a teenager and then a baby. This is clearly not going to happen so where did the information come from? Well it all started in a study  published in The New England Journal of Medicine in 1990 by Rudman et al which showed that during a trial of HGH a group of elderly men showed definite muscle mass increase, fat loss and regeneration of healthy skin. Whilst this is not reversing the ageing process it does appear to reverse some of the aspects of getting old. And while we can now make HGH in the lab, why shouldn’t it be taken?


The benefits of HGH



Builds lean Muscle

There is no doubt that taking growth hormone increases muscle mass and at lower levels prevents the loss of muscle. There is no ambiguity about this even amongst growth hormone sceptics. Growth hormone itself does not cause the muscle growth but it causes the release of another chemical messenger IGF1 which is responsible for muscle growth.

IGF1 stands for insulin like growth factor. There is actually a modified form of IGf1 on the market  which has a much longer half life than IGF1, this is called IGF1 long R3. So if a person just wanted to gain muscle they could use IGF. In fact IGF long R3 is available to buy online just a much as regular HGH.

HGH burns stubborn belly fat

This sounds a bit weird but its actually true. In the study mentioned above the men studied were aged between 60 and 81. After being on HGH for 6 months they showed an 8.8 percent increase in lean body mass, a 14.4 percent decrease in body fat, and a 1.6 percent increase in average bone density. Whats also very interesting was that the fat that was lost was seen to be mostly belly fat.

Enhances sexual performance

There is documented evidence the HGH increases the libido and sexual desire. This is thought to occur because the highest levels of growth hormone in adults occurs in early adulthood when the libido is at its peak. Introducing the same levels in older people rekindles an interest in sex and the physical prowess to go with it. Physically its thought that an improved metabolism and a better blood pressure profile also help.

Heals wounds faster

Again this is another quality of HGH that is well established. Growth hormone (Somatropin) is often used in hospitals to treat severe injuries. It is especially used to treat burns. Its this ability to rejuvenate damaged skin that is also thought to reduce wrinkles, reverse thinning skin, increase collagen and rehydrate the skin. All of these effects combine to produce a more youthful skin.

Helps manage diabetes

Its unclear why HGH improves the diabetic profile of sufferers, but there is a definite correlation between high growth hormone levels and low diabetes type 2 levels. It is thought that IGF1 plays a role here. You will remember that IGF1 stands for insulin like growth factor.

Improves eyesight

Its thought HGH improves eyesight in people who start to need to use reading glasses in their 40’s. This is because the lens of the eye stiffens and so cannot focus on for instance close up text. The lens of the eye is made of collagen which is a protein and HGH increases this. Its also supposed to have a positive impact on the condition of rods and cones in the retina.

Increases bone density

As shown in the study of elderly and middle aged men growth hormone was shown to increase bone density. Although the increase was modest (1.6%) over six months this is still significant. This is because most people in this age bracket will experience some form of osteoporosis and so to halt bone loss and even reverse it is excellent news.

Increases hair growth

It actually increases the speed at which hair grows (and incidentally nails too) Both hair and nails are made of a protein called keratin. HGH growth hormone is known to increase protein synthesis and this is why it speeds up nail and hair growth. It also increases the lustre and vitality of hair. This can be much sought after by women and some men too. There is also circumstantial evidence that it can reverse greying.

Increases muscle mass

We have already mentioned that HGH can increase lean muscle mass, but it can also increase overall muscle mass. Let me explain. Conventional steroids increase muscle by increasing the size of the actual muscle cell. Cells numbers remain virtually the same. HGH though increases the number of muscle cells. So if you combine HGH with steroids you can expect and explosion of muscle and strength.

Increases metabolism

One of the reasons we seem to get a middle age spread is the slow down of our metabolism. This correlates exactly with the reduction of HGH in the body. You could draw a graph of each, place them side by side and they would look the same. HG is known to speed up and increase the efficiency of the metabolism. This is whats whats also thought to remove fat and increase the libido.

Loses weight

HGH has shown to reduce fat in quite a drastic way. A nearly 15% reduction in our test group. Weight lost is mostly fat. But, because there is an increase in muscle the actual weight loss might not be great. The increase of muscle also keeps the fat at bay as muscle will naturally burn calories and therefore fat.

Lowers blood pressure

HGH reduces blood pressure. When people are diagnosed with high blood pressure, many times they are advised to take up exercise. Exercise is known to increase natural HGH production and this is probably why taking growth hormone is shown to reduce blood pressure.

Lowers cholesterol

Growth hormone is known to improve the ratio of good to bad cholesterol. It improves the cholesterol profile. This is probably linked to the way it also removes fat.