Buy Hygetropin HGH

Hygetropin is manufactured by the Hygene Biopharm Co., Ltd originating from China. Hygetropin is one of those HGH products which seems to have been around forever. It’s a good to medium Grade product which is considered quite acceptable to use if nothing else is available. Some users do complain of red spots at the injection site, which might be an indication that it’s not as clean as it could be. Or dread the thought it could contain some 192 amino acid hormone. So consistency probably could be better with some batches getting better reviews than others. Buy Hygetropin for an average HGH product.

Real Hygetropin has teal colored tops

Its is 191 Somatropin

The Hygetropin is an offshoot from the people who used to make Jintropin. One of the staff named Mr Lin began operating on his own recombinant hGH product and called it Hygetropin. However while he may have had the expertise he certainly did not have the equipment to make the product comparable to Jintropin. And so Hygetropin has always been thought of as the poorer cousin of the excellent Jintropin. As stated in headline it is pure somatropin and so there should be no problems with a immune reactions at the injection site but quite often there is. We believe it’s probably not as clean as it should be and there may be some bacterial contamination from poorer downstream processing. That said I would certainly use it if I could not get anything else. And so for a general rule of thumb with this product you should buy Hygetropin if you can’t get anything else in the UK.


It has been known to be faked

Hygetropin is often a target of the features in counterfeiters. But if you think you have bought a fake all is not lost. This is because some of the fakes are at least as good as hygetropin or sometimes even better. This is because generic HGH is used and the Hygetropin packaging added. What a lot of people realise now that some of the generic HGH is often better than the branded stuff. So if you think you’re bought fake Hygetropin just try it and you may be pleasantly surprised. We hasten to add that our Hygetropin is guaranteed authentic. We have been using the same source for many years and have never had any controversy regarding authenticity.

Will it give me muscle? I want to get big

Yes of course it will give you muscle. This is probably the main use for this product at present. Women mostly use the HGH pens whereas men are more amenable to mixing the product themselves. And so when somebody buys this, nine times out of 10 it’s usually to gain muscle mass and strength. Therefore they are usually male. Recombinant hGH has taking off in a big way in the last few years. This is because people got tired of the side-effects of traditional anabolic steroids. Also with the recombinant hGH you have the added bonus of all the good things that human growth hormone can give.

If this is the first time you have used recombinant hGH you are in for a treat. You will not get gains again like the first time you use this product. Each successive gain will be less which makes sense you cannot grow indefinitely. What is also very good about recombinant hGH is that you’ll keep nearly all of your gains according to your training regime. You can take recombinant hGH for as long as you want but you don’t really need to. Once you have gotten the results you need simply stop using it but keep up the training. One other thing to mention, when you buy Hygetropin you will find the quality of muscle far superior than muscle gained using anabolic steroids. This is because recombinant hGH will actually increase the number of muscle cells rather than the size of muscle cells. It will also increase the number of muscle fibres in each cell. This is a marked improvement on anabolic steroids which often just enlarged the muscle cell, quite a lot of the time with water. You will not get the water retention using hGH the same way you did with anabolic steroids. And so you will not get that puffy ill-defined look which is a dead giveaway to the use of anabolic steroids.

Will it make me look younger too?

There is more and more evidence come to light about the effects of HGH and looking and feeling youthful. Initially the jury was out because people had not been taking it for long enough to see the full effects. Now there is scientific and anecdotal evidence that HGH does indeed make you look and feel younger. Especially people around you will notice the difference. This is another major reason why people buy Hygetropin in the UK. It is definitely known to boost mood and energy levels. The fat dissolving qualities of recombinant hGH work especially well around the stomach area. This is great for showing off muscle which is normally covered by fat. This has been shown to be true in scientific studies when subjects injected recombinant hGH but never got involved with any exercise. If you had exercise into the mix and weight training or better still resistance training, the fat will fall off.